The Beginning

Hmmm where to begin… As some of you may know I started a blog this summer called “confessions of a moderate drinker” my journey to cut back on my daily consumption of red wine. While I love writing and enjoyed the few posts that I wrote, I didn’t stick with the writing or the complete abstinence for alcohol. What I did do was create a new relationship with it and that has been a really positive thing for me.

This blog space has been sitting on my website for a while and I have never even really considered writing anything until now.

I have an ADD creative brain and love to take on new things…..the challenge can be the follow thru at times so with that being said I am going to start doing a little writing on a new side venture I have in my office which is called Thrive Essentials. TE incorporates the use of essential oils as a way for people to start taking better care of themselves with the use of oils as a form of plant based medicine. It also incorporates Chiropractic ,Green living, The Triad of Health (mind, body, spirit), Connecting to your Tribe, Finding your Life Purpose, Spirituality and Financial Health.

I feel that if we incorporate all of things into our personal world view and actions we can make a difference in our life and the lives of people we influence.

I will switch around to different topics within this scope….like whatever seems to move me at the time. Did I mention I am creative with an ADD brain? I also swear and my grammar isn’t perfect and oh well!

Well, I have started! Its all about the first step right? Please feel free to leave comments and engage in the process with me.

Thanks for coming along on the journey,



katey hauser