Lifestyle is everything when it comes to health. Living in this day and age has many opportunities and benefits and can also be very complicated especially when it comes to taking care of ourselves. We are over burdened with information and "just managing" our busy hectic lives. When we take a moment to get quiet and get in touch with what is most important : Vibrant health, satisfying work, meaningful relationships, making a unique and meaningful contributions to the world and feeling free to creatively express ourselves and be authentically who we are.  

Chiropractic embraces the philosophy that we are born to be healthy. Innate Intelligence is what guides us to that state of well-being. It lives within each cell and communicates through the nervous system. When you don't have your health you are left with only one wish and desire and that is to regain your health. When you have your health all the other possibilities become possible!

A Chiropractic adjustment clears any blockage to the communication between the body and the innate intelligence thus allowing for full expression of our potential for health.

Lifestyle choices of exercise and movement, using  food as medicine and mindfulness with thoughts and actions act as a support system that can either enhance and propagate health or create illness. It is with this in mind that I truly believe healing ourselves heals the planet! All the choices we make from buying local and organic to recycling your trash to choosing to stay as healthy as you can reduces the impact we leave behind. 

It is my intention to be a source of inspiration,education and empowerment in helping you create the health and well-being that you were born to have!

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