Russell B. JOHNSON, JR. 

"At first, I thought chiropractors were “kooks” that wanted you to keep coming back for visits to help their business . I did not really respect them as professionals who have the ability to understand body mechanics, or their claims and abilities to help anything but lower back pain. Listening to mainstream doctors tell horror stories about chiropractors lessened my trust  in them.

After much coaxing from my son and daughter, I tried one out. Her name is Dr. Katey Hauser. She explained to me that adjustments  help take pressure off the nervous system and allows for free- flow of nerve signals  that helps the body heal itself - I thought to myself, Wacko! After my first few adjustments, my lower back was not in pain, however, my hips were in such discomfort I then thought, Psycho!. I called my daughter and asked if this was normal . She assured me that my body was so out of alignment my muscles were fighting the adjustments which was the cause for my hip discomfort. My daughter advised me to continue - so I did. All I can say is I am glad I listened! A year later, the adjustments no longer cause pain or discomfort. I have gained insight and trust in chiropractic treatment and continue to see benefits I can only attribute to chiropractic treatment . I tell everyone about the miracle worker Dr. Katey HAUSER! No she is not a cure-all nor does she claim to be - she is honest, trustworthy, sincere, and she shows a genuine interest in the health and well being of others.   THE MIRACLE ? It was not her treatments but she made a believer out of me!!! This is a short list of benefits I have gained from chiropractic care:

  1. No more lower back pain: I regained my ability to stand straight up after sitting for an extended period of time. I am now able to put a pair of socks on without struggle because of lower back tightness. Before treatment I could not put shoes or socks on normally. Also being in construction I often carry heavy loads, as a result my back would tighten up so bad walking was difficult. After chiropractic care, hard work no longer impairs my ability to walk normally.

  2. My energy level has increased.

  3. My asthma attacks are almost non-existent. As an avid runner, I have notice that I no longer have trouble breathing during runs in hot humid conditions. Though my lungs may feel uncomfortable, breathing is normal.

  4. One final note, as strange as it may sound, my foot strike has changed for the better. I run more efficiently which corrected a heel problem I have had for years.

I HAVE TRIED EVERY BRAND OF HIGH -TECH SHOE WITH NO RESULTS. I can only attribute correction to my chiropractic care.

There you have it - reduced back stress, higher energy level , clearing up asthma attacks, correction of a foot strike problem, and awareness and appreciation of how unrestricted nerve flow helps the body to heal itself and recuperate from stress.

THANK YOU Dr. Katey Hauser!"

Allene on her 89th birthday celebrating with Dr. Katey!

Allene on her 89th birthday celebrating with Dr. Katey!

In July of 2014, Dr. Katey Hauser began working to put my neck and back into correct alignment. After 12 sessions I had increased my singing range two notes higher. This is a great gift to me because I sing soprano, and had lost four notes in my upper range before I went to her for chiropractic care. God bless chiropractors!
— Allene Kelly, Age 89